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The intention of the '‘small space’' drawing series is simple. That is to document stories through a series of isometric drawings. Throughout my bittersweet journey of an architecture student, I have learnt that ‘drawing’ is a very direct and powerful tool to convey a message. Drawings could reflect your thoughts and feelings towards a certain memory or even your imagination towards the future.

The stories and messages that are conveying in this series could be fun, quirky, sentimental and so on.

ss 01 | minimalist art gallery

A virtual art gallery designed by, and created by 360mage. The studio has created a premium virtual tour with 360 degree view, perfectly visualized what I've always dreamed of in an art exhibition in the future.

ss 02 | simple workstation

Work From Home – designed by . Adapting to the current situation, the owner of the house have decided to extend his home by dedicating a personal workstation within his house's garden premise.

ss 03 | laundry area

When I was a kid, my mom used to wash all the clothes here with her bare hands…everyday.

ss 04 | spandrel storage - “Small space with broad inventiveness. We were scolded for always messing the space, and sometimes the whole living room up. But I guess that is the most precious part of a kid, always thrive to realize and make their imagination comes true, seeing potential in everything no matter the obstacles and challenges (my mom). So let’s hope we will never lose that as an adult.”

ss 05 | pedestrian bridge

We rarely use the pedestrian bridge. We risk our lives to save that 25.33 seconds of walking. Besides, we have the ability to stop the cars on the road by putting our hands up while jaywalking.

ss 06 | the balcony

It is a unique character that can be found here in Malaysia, at least around my housing area. It is common to see the metal grill installed because of the security issues, the clothes hanging out of the balcony because why not.

ss 07 | front porch

I still remember the laughters, joy and cringy children's song during the Mid Autumn Festival. Me and my siblings were playing cellophane lanterns at the front porch area. But the true joy was when we start burning the dried leaves and twigs on a metal plate with candle fire.

ss 08 | entertainment room

Family Entertainment – designed by

Split floor levels are implemented to indirectly seperate the room into two zones for their different usage. Despite the split, the entire room is seamlessly integrated with neutral flooring throughout that gives a balance to the dark themed room.

ss 09 | the alley

It is an alley I walk down almost everyday, located behind the Zhong Shan ( @thezhongshanbuilding ). A bunch of talented local graffiti artists have turned the walls around the building into graffiti haven. Hope to see more around the area.

ss 10 | roadside kiosk

"Kak, nasi lemak sotong kuah kurang skit!"…

It is a roadside breakfast stall that I used to buy my favourite nasi lemak before the class starts. I hope that I am still able to visit the stall one day after the pandemic is over.

ss 11 | 'mamak' stall

"Boss, roti telur satu, teh tarik kurang manis."

It is common to see this kind of metal sheds, roadside food eateries in Malaysia and there is one near my working place. Because of its strategic location (hidden), sometimes, you will find patrol bikes there and you know its teatime.

ss 12 | lakeside

My alma mater @taylorsuni lakeside campus. The lake was invaded by a ginormous yellow duck and I guess the swans have now become friends with it.

As architecture students, we used to complain the long journey that we need to take from the Block E (architecture studios) to the commercial block. Why don't just build a bridge across the lake? Jk lol.

ss 13 | artist studio pt.1

I learned the word 'schaulager' from a friend of mine ( @wshuenl ), months ago when she discussed the schaulager concept during her Masters thesis presentation.

schauen + lagern = seeing + storing

Typically in an art museum, artworks that are not on display are locked and kept in a vault. There are dedicated spaces for art displaying and storing seperately. But with the schaulager concept, both spaces can be combined as one to save space.

By applying the same concept, how can we turn an art studio into a 'schaulager' ?

ss 14 | the 'factory'

I was a factory employee in an underground bank called Memebank, that produces banknotes (fake ones). Memebank banknotes contain meme characters and crypto-related Easter eggs.

The intention of producing the hand-printed banknotes reflects the problem of money printing by the central banks, which may lead to inflation.

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ss 15 | the usual place (老地方)

@sookxiahahaha - You like to watch sunrise or sunset? During my university time, I had a best friend who liked to watch sunset together (But now she likes sunrise more) . Hence, after we finished our dinner or class, when the weather was good, we would go to a car park to watch sunset. We named that car park as our "老地方” (the usual place).

I remembered there was once we were waiting our dinner to be served at a kopitiam, we noticed the sun was down and the sky was so gorgeous! Therefore both of us just left our friends and ran to our 老地方. When we back to the kopitiam, other friends already finished their dinner and rolled their eyes on us.

*The "usual place" is no longer there as the new shophouse development came…

ss 16 | Tiger Trail

"For my sculpture, I drew inspiration from bamboo frames used in lion dance props, and sought help from Master Siow, a lion dance prop maker. We built a bamboo frame that encages our tiger, expressing how these animals have been rapidly diminishing as a result of rampant poaching and habitat loss. Today, only around 3,900 tigers remain in the wild."

photos | @esmondsit

ss 17 | A 'bank'

I was appointed as Chief Executive of Wealth & Personal Banking in a sketchy bank called Memebank. I have no idea what's the job scope of this particular role.

But one thing I know for sure, is that I've burnt a significant amount of calories during the working period. I've climbed up and down to take the 'banknotes' (artworks) down and of course with the help of my friends.

It was a great experience! Thank you my employer, the CEO of Memebank.

photos | @davidyeowphotography